A letter from Vince Raleigh

Howard Springs
6 August 2021

Dear Gina

My name is Vince Raleigh and I have recently returned with the swim team from the Tokyo Olympics. I met you briefly with John Bertrand AO on Dolphin Camps and at the Australian Swimming Trials in Adelaide 2019.

When I first started coaching with Laurie Lawrence in the early eighties, we had many athletes who struggled to stay in the sport. Some retired too early due to financial constraints and others subsisted on “the dole” to enable them to continue their swimming careers. This group included Olympians and Olympic medallists.

Your generous involvement in swimming and other sports has been more important than many will ever understand. From someone who has been involved in this sport over a long period of time your backing has been transformational and the credit you receive cannot be understated!

From my group of swimmers in Brisbane we had:
Zac Stubblety-Cook (22) Gold and Bronze
Jack McLoughlin (26) Silver
Leah Neale (26) Bronze

Gina without your endorsement we could not have achieved the Australian team’s outstanding results.
I would like to thank you personally for the support you have given to my athletes, the sport of swimming and to me.

Kind regards
Vince Raleigh