Aroona Station encompasses 147,510 Hectares of Northern Savana Landscapes. It is home to a predominantly Brahman herd of cattle, the station family, their pets, the stock horses as well as a variety of other wildlife, including barramundi.

Driving across the grid into the Homestead Complex the white roads wind around expansive lawns. The Homestead is welcoming and modern having being built just over a decade ago.  Since Hancock Agriculture purchased Aroona in 2017 there have been several buildings and sheds added to the homestead. Staff are comfortably accommodated with ensuited rooms in the quarters, a couple of one bedroom cottages, two 3 bedroom houses and of course plenty of lovely Aroona Beef for dinner!

In the last 18 months we have seen the main shed transform from being the one stop shop for everything to now being a workshop. The saddlery and cattle husbandry equipment is now out of the shed and in the new ‘Tack Shed’ near the new horse yards and stables. The bore equipment is out of the shed and now in the new ‘Boreman’s Area’ which will become an orderly ‘Boreman’s Shed and Workshop’. The motorbikes and equipment now have their own area and the gardening equipment are now in the new Garden Shed.

Hancock Agriculture has also been investing in the paddock with a major upgrade to the main cattle yard and other new permanent cattle yards. The staff very much enjoy seeing the permanent yards go in knowing that with every permanent post in the ground their job becomes easier as the amount of panels they need to move around the property becomes less. Although they did their fair share of sweating installing the major components of a permanent and functional horse yard over the last wet season. New and upgraded fencing has improved cattle management and the conversion of diesel to solar for pumping water is very positive for the property.

The cattle are seeing the benefit of investment in nutritional programs. Early observations of a property wide targeted nutritional supplement program are extremely positive and the cattle will enjoy its continual refinement over subsequent seasons. This program combined with timely weaning and a focused weaner nutrition program aim to improve young cattle development and herd productivity.

Herd productivity is what beef producers are passionate about. It is a result of all the interconnected systems. Hancock Agriculture is investing in all of the so closely interconnected human, built, natural and beef production systems at Aroona Station. In addition to everything mentioned above Hancock Ag is investing in Staff training, WHS and Communication systems. New watering points are spreading cattle grazing and weed management is protecting environmental assets and pastures. Electronic herd recording is working hand in hand with every other investment to identify productive and unproductive animals to improve the efficiency of the whole system.

It is exciting to see how far Hancock AG has brought Aroona, and will be exciting to see how far Hancock Ag will take Aroona in five years’ time!