Inverway & Riveren stations, located in the picturesque and historic Victoria River District, NT, run in aggregation to produce quality cattle from the native pastures of the Victoria River watershed. Hancock Agriculture acquired the properties in 2016 and our team is committed to the ongoing development across all facets of pastoral production. We work in a setting that acknowledges the traditional strengths of the beef industry and emphasises the importance of innovation in agribusiness today.

We believe strongly in the opportunities offered by careers in the pastoral industry. Our team members originate from all over Australia and the world and represent people from all backgrounds. We value eager attitudes, strong work ethic, inclusiveness and integrity. Our established and emerging leaders are dedicated to ensuring the transfer of best practice skills and knowledge for the future success of our people and our industry. In addition to providing the best tools for the tasks at hand, Hancock Agriculture allocates significant resources to on-the-job and nationally recognised training. We operate support systems whereby all employees can be assured of their safety and wellbeing whilst they are part of the Inverway & Riveren team.

The welfare of all animals on Inverway & Riveren is at the forefront of all animal husbandry tasks our team undertake on the stations; Mrs Rinehart would expect nothing less! Best practice handling and mustering procedures, the provision of high-quality drinking water and constant monitoring of pasture nutrition value mean that our team deliver first-rate welfare outcomes for all cattle in our care. Our team fundamentally understands that animal welfare is our business.

Every employee makes a valued contribution to the success of our work and station culture. We employ Head Stockpersons, Station Hands, Helicopter Pilots, Machinery Operators, Bore Runners, Cooks, Domestics, Gardeners and Home Tutors. We are a station community of 28 people. Our team members are encouraged to be active members of the region’s engaging wider community and to participate in the vibrant social scene. Working in our team you can be assured of close camaraderie, attention to your professional and personal development and a unique experience in a beautiful part of Australia.


Inverway & Riveren are at the heart of the naturally productive Victoria River District in the Northern Territory and are the gateway to the eastern Kimberly Region of West Australia. The natural beauty of the area is well documented and is typified by perennial grassland downs country leading to springs, gorges and escarpments. The Victoria River heads on the Riveren lease and dominant feature of the landscape. Natural overland flows during the Wet Season also contribute to the outer tributaries of the Ord River catchment. Situated adjacent to the Buntine Highway and close to its intersection with the Duncan Highway, the stations are located 600km south-west of Katherine NT and 500km south east of Kununurra WA. We utilise the services and suppliers of these regional centres to support our business.

The pioneering cattlemen and brothers, Hugh, Harry and Archie Farquharson, took up the lease of the original Inverway station in 1894. The brothers sustained their operation through the tribulations of establishment with tenacious spirit and famous overland droving ventures. Archie Farquharson lived at Inverway in the cabin homestead he and his brothers built until his death in 1950 at age 89. His grave on Inverway is a monument to all three brothers.

Inverway was sold to the Underwood Family in 1956. Throughout the course of the family’s ownership the lease was divided into the three stations, Inverway, Riveren and Bunda, for some of the Underwood siblings to develop with their respective immediate families. A memorial stands near the Inverway homestead for Mr & Mrs Pat and Peg Underwood to mark their legacy in this area. John Underwood and his family purchased the modern-day Inverway station from the Westaway family in 2007 and began the integration of the production system that operates today. In 2013, the Inverway & Riveren aggregation was sold to Indonesian agribusiness company Japfa Santori.

Hancock Agriculture acquired Inverway & Riveren in 2016, along with its herd of 40,000 head. The major focus of asset development initiatives undertaken by the company to date have been to align infrastructure with Hancock Agriculture’s commitments to animal welfare, employee safety and wellbeing, and energy efficiency. Practical technologies such as solar powered water delivery systems, a digital UHF radio network have been added to the resources available to assist our leaders in managing the properties. Significant resources have been dedicated to upgrading employee accommodation facilities.