First settled in 1884 Willeroo Station draws its name from the property of the foundation herd and the stations first owners.

After a myriad of owners, most notably the Sultan of Brunei, title changes and managers, Willeroo is fast becoming a modern, safe and efficient property with a reputation for good cattle and facilities.

Willeroo features a modern homestead complex with direct bitumen access.

Since Hancock Agriculture’s purchase of Willeroo in October 2017, a concerted effort has been placed on improving the station in all aspects.

This ownership period has seen new buildings for accommodation, staff training and schooling for the station children constructed. The increased housing capacity as well as the removal of old and unsound buildings has created a far better staff environment.

In addition to this, new tanks, shading, solar pumps, digitalised communication, waters and a completely new cattle-handling complex are under construction. Once fully completed the new state of the art facility will be a monumental leap forward, for both staff and animal welfare.

Near future developments of yards and water will be coupled with digital telemetry technology. The Juxtaposition of emerging technology and traditional stockmanship makes for exciting blend of the old and new.