Hancock Prospecting has expanded its interest into wagyu beef by way of the acquisition of wagyu cattle stations in New South Wales and Queensland. The Wagyu herd is currently over 12,000 head in total, one of the largest herds in Australia.

In Queensland, Hancock Prospecting is currently developing an F1 Wagyu cattle herd across 3,300 hectares of farmland, using its own full-blood genetics along with prime Angus breeders to take advantage of the land held by the company.

The new 2GR premium Wagyu beef brand is a high-quality product, currently exported around the world.

The inspiration behind the 2GR premium Wagyu beef brand dates back more than 100 years to back in the late 1800s when Mrs. Rinehart’s great grandfather had three sons: her grandfather George Hancock, and his two brothers, John and Richard. Mrs. Rinehart’s great grandfather founded the ‘H3B’ brand for cattle and sheep, which stood for Hancock 3 Brothers, named for his sons.

Today’s 2GR brand signifies the initials of Gina Rinehart, along with her daughter Ginia Rinehart.

To order, please email sales@2ghrprimeaustralianbeef.com.au

2GR Premium Wagyu BEEF

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2GR Premium Wagyu beef

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