Under the new ownership and board and management structure the sky is the limit at the quality Kimberley Cattle Station Liveringa. By working closely with senior management, under the board’s direction, the Liveringa team believe in a shared vision to capitalize and add to the property’s existing assets and improvements, bringing it and the people through to the forefront of the industry.  This will take a lot of hard work and of course investment of capital, but with the focus on safety, animal welfare, technology and the direction and focus on reducing fuel and energy costs, we at Liveringa are pleased to be part of the team leading the way in the Pastoral Industry.

At over 365,000 hectare,  Liveringa is segregated into around 40 paddocks, with numerous watering points and 25,000 head of cattle.  We have a farming enterprise growing good quality irrigated hay & silage and a comprehensive workshop, all adding value to the extensive grazing operation through improving turnoff weights and quality of our product.  Improvement and upgrades are being constantly made to fencing, yards, bores, dams and roads with a strong focus on solar technology wherever possible.  The cattle are high quality Brangus Cross and Hancock Agriculture buys good quality polled bulls every year and it is a constant job to manage these in a manner appropriate to the investment. Liveringa is also introducing Wagyu genetics to the herd. The genetic makeup of the herd is structured in a way where we can easily target multiple specific markets such as Live Export & Domestic, depending on demand & dollars per kg offered.

Liveringa is blessed regarding staff & is fortunate to employ experienced veterans in their respective fields of work.  As we all know nothing happens without good, long term staff.  Our incredible Boreman, who monitors and maintains all of our stock watering infrastructure and also manages the capital investment and improvement in these facilities.  With Liveringa’s machinery operator extraordinaire and does a great job and is usually gone on the machine while everybody else is still having breakfast.  We think he likes to be gone before the morning toolbox meetings.  Also on the team, a  veteran helicopter pilot whom does a great job piloting our mustering helicopter and transporting management on property inspections.

Our Farm Overseer is very experienced and working with Management and the consultant Agronomist, they keep the irrigated farm producing at optimum levels, also spends time running the workshop.

An experienced Station Overseer and Headstockman answering to the Liveringa Manager round out the management team.

A young and enthusiastic stockcamp and support team makes up the rest of the crew, and are an integral part of keeping the station running.

Liveringa is a unique property with a colourful history, that abounds in beautiful birdlife, scenic countryside and sunrises and sunsets that take your breath away. As employees, it is such a privilege to work on such a beautiful place. And a privilege for our good team to be part of Hancock agriculture, a company with strong values especially where humane treatment of cattle are concerned,” happy healthy cattle are better cattle” , as well as a company which leads in technology to assist management. An exciting future at Liveringa awaits.

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