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The Hancock Prospecting Group includes a world-class agribusiness business.

The Hancock Group has a long and proud history in agriculture, on both sides of executive chairman, Gina Rinehart’s, family.

The Group is committed to investing in local rural communities, developing and implementing innovative, industry-leading farming practices and driving export quality and growth.

Prior to mining exploration, the family owned and operated for decades a number of iconic cattle stations in WA including Ashburton Downs and Hamersley Station. Hancock’s Executive Chairman, Gina Rinehart, grew up on Hamersley station.

The Group has significantly grown the agricultural portfolio with strategic investment in pastoral stations and agribusinesses.

Inherit an appetite for Australia’s best.

Latest News

ABC Radio | Perth – Federal Agriculture Murray Whatt on FMD

The Federal Agriculture Minister Murray Watt, who has just announced a new taskforce, will be created to help plan for an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Australia. Importantly, this taskforce will be co-led by a senior officer of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and the Director General of Emergency Management Australia. Bringing together both the experts in biosecurity and animal health and our experts in disaster management.
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Perhaps the single best option for tackling these issues is to provide an unlimited work bonus which would allow pensioners to earn as much as they want from work and just pay income tax like everyone else. This is not to suggest a universal pension — eligibility would still be subject to an assets test and other income tests — but to give pensioners greater freedom to work if they choose to. It will give greater freedom and prosperity to pensioners who choose to work, it will increase revenue from the tax on additional income earned, and it will provide immediate relief to businesses across Australia struggling with worker shortages.
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Gina backs ‘win-win’ plan for seniors

Thousands of pensioners and “grey nomads” could hold the key to unlocking the nation’s workforce crisis, according to a plan backed by mining magnate Gina Rinehart. “This policy would be … good for pensioners and veterans who deserve the right at least as much as all of us to work if we chose without onerous paperwork,” she said.
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Major Highlights

Dairy milks unique gong

  Article by Tari Jeffers courtesy of the Manjimup-Bridgetown Times. Bannister Downs Dairy packages have been recognised with two gold awards in the 2020 Australasian Packaging Innovation and Design Awards.
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