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Hancock Prospecting include a world-class agribusiness business, which has a long and proud history in agriculture, on both sides of executive chairman, Gina Rinehart’s, family.

Hancock Prospecting is committed to investing in local rural communities, developing and implementing innovative, industry-leading farming practices and driving export quality and growth.

Prior to mining exploration, the family owned and operated for decades a number of iconic cattle stations in WA including Ashburton Downs and Hamersley Station. Hancock’s Executive Chairman, Gina Rinehart, grew up on Hamersley station.

Hancock Prospecting has significantly grown the agricultural portfolio with strategic investment in pastoral stations and agribusinesses.

Huge congratulations to Bannister Downs Dairy

The 3 Bannister awards were the most awards received by any dairy company at this annual event. Huge congratulations to Bannister Downs Dairy and all their team for again achieving (and helping other companies to achieve) these awards at this prestigious annual dairy awards occasion.

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Scam alert: Gina Rinehart fires up after Aussie retiree’s $110k life savings snatched

Scam alert: Gina Rinehart fires up after Aussie retiree’s $110k life savings snatched. The Gold Coast man came across the scam on Facebook and thought it could help him boost his retirement income. A Queensland retiree has lost “nearly everything” after falling for an investment scam that used the image of Gina Rinehart on Facebook. Now, the mining magnate’s team says Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg should be held accountable.

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Chanticleer | Soul Patts’ Millner rails against secretive new laws

He says he only found out about the “nature-positive” plan a few weeks ago, even though he is chairman of four listed companies and has investments in all pockets of the country. Gina Rinehart’s Hancock is the other company brave enough to publicly raise the alarm bells – most businesses seem to be hiding behind the Business Council of Australia, lobbying on their behalf, or worried about political backlash.

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Big result for farmers doing it tough thanks to Gina Rinehart

Farmers impacted by natural disasters has benefited big time from the generous support of donors, who have kicked in well over $250,000 for the bush charity Rural Aid. Inspired by Rural Aid patron Gina Rinehart, considerably more than $250,000 was raised during Rural Aid’s Lunch Lunch held at the Howard Smith Wharves in Brisbane.

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Mrs Gina Rinehart AO

Speech Bush Summit Perth 2023 


Mr adam giles

Interview Bush Summit Perth 2023 

Major Highlights

2GR and S.Kidman & Co | London Launch & celebration

Australia’s billionaire businesswoman Gina Rinehart has made a bold foray into the British beef market as the first big mover under the recently signed Australia-UK free trade deal. Mrs Rinehart launched her premium beef products – the “caviar’’ of beef – a wagyu product called 2GR, from the Hancock Agriculture company and three new top of the range meats from the S. Kidman farms, stressing to British customers the welfare of the animals, the superior quality and the detailed provenance of the meat. Mrs Rinehart told a packed audience of distributors, top chefs, butchers, high-end department stores and Australian diplomats at the swish Meat and Wine Co restaurant in Mayfair on Monday: “I was very excited to hear this is the first public, commercial get together to promote more Australian produce to England after the free trade agreement, so I am very excited we are the first.”

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Veterans 4 Jobs

“Hancock Prospecting is built on good Australian values where loyalty and performance are rewarded. Our vision is to create pathways to business and employment opportunity for veterans and ex military across Hancock Prospecting, That the veterans feel valued and preferentially treated when they approach us and that we create a real sense of recognition of military service to the country for which they served which for the majority will be Australia.”

Hancock Prospecting Executive Chairperson,
Gina Rinehart AO

Future Australian Jobs

Hancock Prospecting is Australia’s most successful private company.

We have varied and exciting career opportunities across our mining and agricultural businesses, offering avenues for people new to the industry, supporting diversity in our workplaces.

We are investing in Australian jobs and look forward to you joining with us to continue to build prosperity for our great nation, and to set yourself up now and into the future.

The Farmer – The Pearl of Them All

Poem by Murray Hartin.

No foe shall gather our harvest

We are the sons of Australia,
Of the men who fashioned the land,
We are the sons of the women
Who walked with them, hand in hand;
And we swear by the dead who bore us,
By the heroes who blazed the trail,
No foe shall gather our harvest,
Or sit on our stockyard rail.

Verse of patriotic poem by Dame Mary Gilmore. Published in The Australian Women’s Weekly, June 1940 during the Second World War (1939-1945).

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