2GR Wagyu the star of the show at gourmet event held at Le Carrear Du Temple in Paris

2GR Wagyu is proud to have been a part of the recent Food Temple Australia festival held at Le Carrear Du Temple in Paris, a three-day event organized in part by the Australian embassy to showcase Australian cuisine, and terrifically led by Lisa Fox with very special guests  such as Christian Le Lann. Through a series of workshops, masterclasses by talented chefs, screenings and, of course, the opportunity to sample premium Australian products and cuisine, Paris chefs and residents were exposed to the variation and high quality found in Australian cuisine.

2GR Wagyu was served several times throughout the festival, with 2GR Wagyu beef product served by Chef Luke Macleod. Luke is the Chef and owner of Sandikala in Galan, a Michelin star restaurant based on French technique with Asian influences and flavours.

2GR Wagyu was served by Luke in his Saturday Masterclass, with 2GR Wagyu beef .

2GR Wagyu was then the central dish in the Sunday Brunch event, one of the highlights of the festival. As the main course, Luke served the grilled 2GR Wagyu beef with chili sambal, anchovies, Manuka honey, green bean salad, and smoked eggplant.

2GR Wagyu congratulates Lisa and everyone who contributed to the festival and is honoured to have had its beef used by such an outstanding chef at an event that showcased premium Australian products in Paris, a city renowned for its love of high-end cuisine.