Hancock Agriculture celebrates great Australian agricultural produce in Bangkok

To finish off a very successful marketing trip across Asia, Hancock Agriculture, Kidman, were delighted to host a final evening in Bangkok. 

It was again a wonderful opportunity to thank chefs, restaurants, hotels  and distributors for partnering with our agricultural products, and to highlight the premium quality of these products. 

Guests were also introduced to other premium brands within Hancock Agriculture, Kidman, including the iconic  Rossi boots and Bannister Dairy, and enjoyed our multi national award winning cream and milk with dessert and coffees  (even an English  chef saying he’s always  loved English clotted cream but West Australia’s Bannister creams were the best he’d ever  tasted!). 

We thank all who joined us along the way in Asia, and look forward to collaborating with each one into the future. 

And we thank all the wonderful people who work across Australia on farms and stations to make these outstanding Aussie  agricultural products for all to enjoy, and Aussies to be proud of. 

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