Milestone for dairy

Article by Tari Jefferies courtesy of the West Australian

It has been 15 years since Bannister Downs Dairy products hit store shelves in the distinctive pouch designs and the team behind the business have taken a look back on their growth.

When the brand hit the market, Bannister Downs Dairy was packaging only about 300L of milk per week, with a casual team of five local people.

Third-generation farmers Mat and Sue Daubney said they were touched by the good wishes they received from customers across WA in celebration of Bannister Downs’ 15th birthday and more broadly since the COVID-19 pandemic broke.

“Western Australians really have rallied behind locally owned businesses like ours during this pandemic and we couldn’t be more grateful,” Mrs Daubney said. “This dairy brand was our dream but it would never have been possible without the support and well-wishes of so many.

“We’re excited to be celebrating this milestone and to be looking to the future with strong community support from Western Australians.”

In 2020, Bannister Downs has grown to be a major employer in the Shire of Manjimup.

The business’ partnership with Gina Rinehart allowed the Daubney family to build the award-winning dairy facility they have now.

Bannister Downs Dairy recently won an award for its innovative packaging.