Miners lap up Bannister Downs milk

Article by Bree Swift courtesy of Farm Weekly.

Bannister Downs Dairy supplied its first delivery of milk to site staff at Pilbara-based iron ore mining company Roy Hill recently.

Bannister Downs Dairy managing director Sue Daubney said the company was “delighted to be partnering with Roy Hill to supply the mine site and its workers with our premium farm fresh milk”.

“We believe our product comes with a range of benefits to a very large operation like Roy Hill which is constantly considering options to minimise waste which our lightweight packaging certainly can help with, but I think that the significant positive here is the prioritisation of the health and wellbeing of staff at Roy Hill,” Ms Daubney said.

“Employees at Roy Hill will be enjoying milk delivered direct from our dairy which has the added freshness of being processed at our own on-farm facility and we’re excited to be sharing our milk across the State, from the South West to the far North.”

Bannister Downs Dairy is 100 per cent WA-owned and operates in the South West region.

Following establishment of the brand in 2005, the family owned business was offered a partnership with Gina Rinehart in 2014, allowing for significant investment across the company.

“Staff and visitors at our Hancock Prospecting, Roy Hill and Atlas Iron offices all enjoy Bannister Downs milk, and I’d like to thank ISS for enabling the Roy Hill site to be able to enjoy this delicious award-winning milk also,” Ms Rinehart said.