National Agriculture & Related Industries Day: 21 November 2019 | Perth


National Agriculture & Related Industries Day event:


Venue: Burswood on Swan

Dress: Black Tie (Akubra & Boots welcome)



National Agriculture & Related Industries Day is a day Patron Mrs. Gina Rinehart founded to recognise, appreciate and celebrate Australia’s world‐class agricultural industry and those who work in it. 

We are Australia’s second largest export earner with $1 out of every $7 export dollars coming from farm produce and this helps raise enough taxes to help pay for our roads and bridges, hospitals, police – the list goes on.

National Agriculture and Related Industries Day is the day to pose a question, for all Aussies to please consider: “Where would our country be without our farmers, pastoralists, fishermen, market gardeners, fruit, flowers and timber providers, viticulturalists, pearlers, poultry and bee keepers, in short, without our Agriculture?”

It is a day too to remind our government and media of the many related industries, jobs and opportunities that depend upon the sustainability of Australia’s agriculture industry.

If we didn’t have a sustainable agriculture industry, who would be paying the lost taxes to support our defence, police, airports, elderly, health, parks, public sporting facilities and more.

Today is a day to remind ourselves to be proud of our industry and to stand up for it – to let the government know that for our agricultural industry to continue to be a success, we must be a reliable exporter and grow our markets. We need to continually raise with governments our need to compete against other countries for markets overseas and be cost competitive internationally, for which the two T’s are essential – cutting government Tape, and lowering Taxation.

Mrs. Gina Rinehart
Executive Chairman
Hancock Prospecting Group | S. Kidman & Co