Labor’s Secret Tax on Living Costs.

You’d be used to the phrase ‘red tape’. This is ‘green tape’ to the max! Major new projects and development will be ground to a halt or be forced just to pay up. It’ll mean more lawyers, more court challenges, more power to the opponents – in the end a minefield of new regulations and rules to make every step towards getting things done tougher. Probably why most of this being kept hushed.

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NEW pink mining equipment on the way to Roy Hill

In FY23 Roy Hill put more than $1.6 billion into the WA economy through the purchase of goods and services, that’s in addition to billions in wages, royalties, taxes, and license fees, and is pleased to have been able to further its investment in the south-west of the state. And no celebration would be complete without scones with homemade jam by Bunbury Farmers Market and award-winning double cream from Bannister Downs Dairy, and of course, Australia’s best pies – Kidman Pies!

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Guests were treated to a horse show with riders carrying the Australian and company flags

Gina Rinehart’s life-changing act of kindness to dozens of staff members: Mining magnate’s extraordinary act at 70th birthday party

Gina Rinehart gave away $100,000 tax-free raffle prizes to dozens of her staff at recent company parties – as an insider lifts the lid on her lavish 70th birthday bash. ‘It’s like a station hand who works in rural Queensland who wins 100 grand after tax, like a crazy, life-changing thing to happen,’ one company insider revealed to Daily Mail Australia. Guests were treated to a horse show with riders carrying the Australian and company flags along the red carpet. The riders carried whips and were dressed in iconic coat-maker Driza-Bone, which Mrs Rinehart bought last year.

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Inside Gina Rinehart’s star-studded 70th birthday

‘Many attended wearing their Rossi boots, and enjoyed a horse show backed by the fantastic Aussie music, “The man from snowy river'” with riders accordingly also dressed in iconic Driza-Bone, and Rossi boots, carrying large Australian and company flags,’. It added: ‘The event was greatly enjoyed by all, with very positive comments by staff who attended, including, “the best night of my life”.’

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Tying business up in red tape strangles productivity | The Nightly

Australia is in the middle of a crushing cost-of-living crisis. The most effective way out of it is to increase productivity. Improving productivity puts downward pressure on prices, but it does so without the financial pain associated with the only other major inflation-busting lever — punishing interest rate hikes. Given that, the Government should be throwing the kitchen sink at getting its policy settings right. Instead, Labor seems intent on tying up business in more and more red tape.

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Australian Life | Gina’s mine heart

In an exclusive interview to mark her 70th birthday, Gina Rinehart shares without Editor, Mitch Catlin, that she has no plans to slow down or retire from her extraordinary business career quite the contrary on the back of her purchase of iconic brands, Drizabone, and Rossi Boots, the nations richest woman has marked her milestone birthday with gifts for her staff, and one hell of a planned shopping spree, adding more Aussie brands to her already-large basket.

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Future Australian Jobs

We have varied and exciting career opportunities across our mining, and agricultural businesses. Consider a career with Australia’s most successful private company.

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