Press Release: Hancock Appointment, General Manager Wagyu & Backgrounding Operations

Hancock Agriculture and 2GR Wagyu would like to announce Greg Gibbons is joining the growing Wagyu business of Hancock Agriculture.

2GR Wagyu operations are one of the world’s largest full blood and purebred producers globally. 2GR Wagyu expansion continues, and is now exported internationally with an exciting plan to have our world-class product featured on the best menus around the world.

Greg will join 2GR as General Manager Wagyu & Backgrounding Operations and will look after the operations in New South Wales and Queensland.

Rockybank, the S. Kidman and Co bull breeding stud, will also be reporting to Greg, and along with the Kidman Management Team progress further development of our Santa Gertrudis and composite bull breeding program.

Greg will hand over cattle at feedlot entry to the responsibility of Chris Fenwick, General Manager of Feedlots.

We are very excited to bring Greg into our growing business, and are excited that his extensive skills and experience will complement the current team and help us fulfil our ambition of being the world’s best.

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