RFDS announces a new partnership with S. Kidman & Co

Image courtesy Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service Northern Territory / South Australia Division was thrilled to announce a new multi million dollar four-year partnership with S. Kidman & Co, a collaboration that underscores both organisation’s ongoing commitment to supporting rural and remote Australians.

This vital  partnership, which follows many years of support from S. Kidman & Co and Hancock Prospecting, was announced tonight at the RFDS annual Wings For Life Gala Ball , May 18 in Adelaide, building on long-term support and shared values from both parties.

As part of this announcement, S. Kidman & Co will also be positioned as RFDS NT / SA’s preferred supplier of apparel for their corporate and operational staff uniforms, including provision of their brands, Rossi, Kidman and Driza-Bone. The Kidman name already flies proudly on a RFDS jet and other RFDS aircrafts.

Guests were lucky enough to be in the running for a Kidman pack, made up of Kidman and 2GR meat, a Driza-Bone jacket and pair of Rossi boots.

Together, this partnership represents a highly regarded  union of two proud Aussie brands, united in their mission to make a positive impact on the lives of those in Australia’s outback. 

Speech by Adam Giles:

Thank you Peter and the RFDS board, staff and essential workers helping so many in need.

I would like to acknowledge another Kidman director Loretta Leung who is with me tonight. 

As CEO of Kidman Cattle Company and Hancock Agriculture I’d like to thank RFDS and its staff for all it does in supporting so many Australians, and for all of those in the room who also support RFDS. 

Our group of companies has been standing by RFDS for many years, standing up vocally and contributing financially, right across our great nation. 

Over recent years our investments have totaled more than $16m going towards RFDS nationally

This includes over $1m to RFDS Central Operations for SA/NT over the last four years. 

During this partnership between Kidman and RFDS SA/NT we have both continued to grow.  

RFDS has gotten stronger and provides an even greater amount of services to South Australians and Northern Territorians.

And Kidman has grown, both in our cattle enterprises but also in other ventures including:

The acquisition of Driza-bone so we ensure  Australians keep dry since its creative design by Edward Le Roy in 1898.

And we have also acquired that great South Australian company Rossi boots, backing Arthur Rossiter initiatives back 1910 and breathing new life into the business. 

But it’s only fair that as we at Kidman, a company started by Sir Sidney Kidman in 1899, continues to grow grow so too should our support for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. 

So with the blessing of my executive chairman Dr Gina Rinehart AO and our joint venture partners at Shanghai led by Mr Gui, I’d like to announce a further 4 year funding commitment to the service for a total of $1.4m. 

On top of this investment we will also commit to being an exclusive apparel supplier to RFDS with our Rossi and Kidman boots, Driza-bone jackets and any other Kidman clothing. 

Peter I trust this investment, plus the clothing commitment, will assist your operations and help keep some great companies working together.

With Drizabone from 1898, Kidman from 1899, Rossi from 1910 and RFDS from 1928, we stay strong partners and keep great Australians working together. 

To all those in the Royal Flying Doctor Service, thank you for your commitments to Australian, Territorians, and South Australians. 

Have a good night. 

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